Metal Mesh Drapery

Woven Wire Drapery as a flexible round weave wire fabrics has catched the eyes of today's designers. With its versatility, unique texture, variety of colors, durability and flexibility, Woven Wire Drapery is a long term solution for today's modern style.

Designers and architects around the world are creatively using this material for a wide range of applications including; specialty architectural, bird/animal containment, interior design, building cladding, industrial safety and explosion protection.

Woven Wire Drapery are used for Window Treatments,Dividers,Wall & Ceiling Treatments,Visual Merchandising,Exterior Cladding,Security and Safety/Blast Protection.

WINDOW TREATMENTS:In this application,drapery works just like other drapery products using standard drapery hardware and fullness recommendations.

DIVIDERS:Separate Space - Maintain Flexibility. As a space divider,woven wire fabric allows movement of air,light, and sound while providing a distinct sense of space separation. The ability to move the fabric on the track provides complete flexibility.

WALL & CEILING TREATMENTS:Use metal fabric on walls and ceilings to create a unique.

VISUAL MERCHANDISING:wire mesh drapery is a highly flexible product that works well as a backdrop for a store display or space division without compromising sightlines.

EXTERIOR APPLICATIONS:Light reflection for partial shading, outdoor sculptures, decorative
metal cladding, or whatever the outdoor application,wire fabric can be woven in metals suited for exposure to the environment.

SECURITY:Metal fabric is an attractive solution for light security applications. Keep things in view while securing them behind beautiful woven wire drapery in your choice of weave and finish.

WIRE MESH SHOWER CURTAINS: Wire Mesh Shower Curtain provides a stunning contrast to natural elements found in today’s high-end bathrooms and home spas. Fabric wire mesh is made of interlocking coils of round wire. The fabric flexes in one direction allowing it to gather as it is pulled to the side. Durable and long lasting - it won’t rip or tear. We tends to shed water but with standard shower sizes, a shower liner may be desired. Shower curtains offer many features that set them apart from standard curtains and glass door enclosures;
Light weight
Simple installation
Uses standard shower curtain hardware
Maintains original finish (no fade, rust, or mildew)
Frees up floor space
Allows light in, creating a more open feeling
No harmful off-gassing
Wire Mesh Curtains are also available in stainless steel, anodized aluminum, special colors, and in custom sizes.

Custom Manufactured Fireplace Mesh: We can custom fabricate a mesh to fit your fireplace. The high quality mesh curtain helps prevent sparks from damaging your carpet or hearth. And for even greater safety, an optional matching fender is available to help keep logs from accidentally rolling out of your fireplace. Designed for both single sided and two sided fireplaces, we have complete kits to provide safety to your fireplace. Full 2" x 3/16" bars of solid brass, copper or steel are crafted into beautiful finishes protected by a full width galvanized backplate offering a wide adjustability range for mounting and mesh height positioning. Full range of options including corners, I-Beam construction, mesh pull accessories and various mesh weaves and finishes. Each of the components of the recessed mesh kits are also sold seperately.