Perforated Brass Mesh

Different levels of transparency can be created, ranging from the almost completely transparent to the subtly translucent. The effect created by backlit facades can be precisely managed by the use of different materials combined with a range of perforation patterns. Moreover, the possibilities for using perforated copper cladding as a decorative element in interiors are practically unlimited. Perforations in copper inspire architects and planners to new creative works, for new visions in surface design and innovative applications of the versatile products.

The perforation of the surfaces takes place after the strips of copper and copper alloys are produced, by means of stamping. The blanked-out pieces are fed directly back into the recycling process. The stamping process does not in any way affect the tried and tested qualities of products; they remain easy to work, long-lasting and economical.

Bronze perforated plateBronze perforated plate

Bronze perforated plateGold perforated plate

Bronze perforated platePatina perforated plate